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Mike Brouillette - Captain for Old Dog Sportfishing in Brookings Oregon

From San Diego California to the Columbia River Oregon, I’ve fished for over 45 years which includes commercial fishing for salmon and albacore tuna for 10 years and sport fishing in Oregon for 35 years. I enjoy sharing my love of fishing with others so now I offer charter sport fishing and family fishing trips out of Brookings Oregon harbor.

Mike Brouillette - Life Long Fisherman

Where did the name OLD DOG SPORTFISHING come from?

My best fishing buddy was my old dog Duke. In all my years of fishing I’ve never seen a dog like him before. He was a big black lab that loved to fish. When you brought your pole out he’d get excited. Old Dog Sportfishing Brookings OregonHe’d watch you bait the hook and would sit there, forever if needed, and would let you know you had a fish on by barking and getting excited. There were times he knew I had a fish before I did! He’d pace the boat and bark until you reeled in your catch and then would calm down if you let him touch the fish. Then he was ready for the next one!

Unfortunately old duke isn’t with us anymore. I miss that old dog. I think he’s still looking down on us wagging his tail and waiting for the next fish on. Duke you old dog you are missed.

“Boats nice and clean, equipment’s awesome and Mike is a great fisherman and tooks us right to the fish.”


“Went out to Mak Arch Rock and had a beautiful day on the water as well as limited out.”


“Captain Mike put us right on top of the Ling Cod, we had a fantastic day of fishing. Can’t wait for Halibut and Tuna season.”